Plasmonic Diamond Membranes for Ultrafast Silicon Vacancy Emission

March 13, 2024

We are thrilled to share our latest publication in Nano Letters: Plasmonic Diamond Membranes for Ultrafast Silicon Vacancy Emission. 

Our study focuses on the promising platform of vacancy centers in diamond for quantum sciences. We've explored the Purcell enhancement limit on the spontaneous emission of silicon vacancy centers (SiVs) by coupling them to sub-diffraction-limited plasmonic cavities. The results are remarkable: an instrument-limited ≤8 ps lifetime, corresponding to a 135-fold spontaneous emission rate enhancement and a 19-fold photoluminescence enhancement!

In this work, nanoparticles are meticulously printed on ultrathin diamond membranes on gold films, creating arrays of plasmonic nanogap cavities with ultrasmall volumes. By examining SiVs implanted at different depths, we’ve gained valuable insights into the interplay between cavity, implantation depth, and ultrathin diamond membranes. This breakthrough paves the way for ultrafast, bright SiV emission in next-generation diamond devices. 

For more details, visit: Nano Letters.